Friday, December 2, 2011

Stage one:

 I have heard many things said about Congressman Paul, most of them are either false or inaccurate. Crazy, kook, devil, anarchist, fool, senile, greedy, stupid, etc etc are some that come to mind. The thing is, in actuality, he is none of those things.

 You would call a man crazy because he believes in the idea of liberty, that he is the only one who can decide what is best for his self and that no one has the right to force him to do something he does not want to do.

 You call the man a kook because he believes the gov't is an institution created by men for the sole purpose of protecting life, liberty and property. That gov't cannot grant rights to anyone or anything, because gov't has no authority to grant those rights-govt did not create those rights. Men and women are born with those rights.

You call the man a fool because he would say things like, "The gov't has no authority to create a public school system. The gov't has no business being involved in the education of Americans."

 You call the man a devil because he would say things like, "Let that uninsured person die." When what he really said was, insurance is a product, just like soda, cigarettes and TV. As such it is the property of the person that created it. You do not have a right to some ones property and the gov't cannot grant you that right. If you cannot afford TV, then you don't watch CSI. If you cannot afford health insurance and you get cancer, you have no right to force some one else to pay for your treatment. If you or the gov't does, it is theft and it is wrong. If you cannot afford the treatment, then unfortunately you may die.

 You call the man an anarchist because he advocates deregulating the economy and business. You say this would create chaos and "look how well deregulation worked for the housing market". In fact, deregulation helped the housing market, at first. Then as with all faith based currency systems there was a bust to the boom. The problem was exacerbated when the fed stepped in and bailed out the banks that were about to fail. In a free market systems with little to no regulation, banks, corps and people fail all the time-that is the way it is supposed to work. One mans loss is another mans gain.

 This is how we learn-through our successes, and our failures. But, we will never learn if mommy and daddy always step in to bail us out. That is called enabling the institution and it doesn't work. Just look at California's correctional system.

  You would call a man senile because he believes that we can live within our means and we do not need three gov't agencies that have overlapping responsibilities. Do we need the Dept of Interior when we have F&W, NOAA, COMMERCE, BLM, COE, BOR and a few more that all oversee the same things?

 You call a man stupid because he believes that our soldiers should be home protecting their lands and families. Protecting Americans on American soil. That we should not occupy foreign nations. That we should not police the world and build nations. That we should not be a part of the UN or ally with any nation. That we should not kill Americans without due process and that every human life is precious and it should not be wasted. That the more enemies we make, the less safe we actually are.

 You call the man greedy because he believes that money made is the property of the person that made it. That the gov't has no right telling us how much of our money we may keep for ourselves...after we have paid them. That if we do decide to give some of our money to the gov't it should be frugal with it. That if we have to balance our budget daily, weekly, monthly or yearly, the gov't should also have to. That just because a person is rich, does not mean they should pay higher taxes. That the gov't cannot tax a nation into prosperity.

 You laugh at him because he believes that a private organization should not create money, thereby inflating the monetary base and deflating our purchasing power. Because he believes the power to coin money was granted to congress alone.

 You mock him because he says the constitution is the supreme law of the land. That we are a nation of laws, not of men. That it is the letter of the law, not the spirit in which it was intended.

 You marginalize him because he says that our founding fathers sacrificed their lives for a chance that we might be a free nation. That Jefferson, Washington and Franklin faced the same challenges we face today and have faced over the years. That the constitution can be applied to all things yesterday, today and tomorrow.

 You call him a radical because he wants limited gov't intrusion, sound money and a peaceful foreign policy. I say, why would you not?

 We have been doing the same thing since 1913 and look where it has taken us. I think it is past the time to restore our constitution of principles and liberty as the supreme law of the land. Let all things be governed and measured by it. Let all men be free in their own minds, bodies and property. The free market does a better job of regulating itself, then any gov't ever could. Life is not supposed to be easy and anyone that tells you it is, is lying to you.

 You are not granted any right except the right to live, love, earn and learn with whatever, whenever, whomever and however you choose so long as you do not cause harm to another's person or property.

Ron Paul 2012

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