Thursday, January 5, 2012

Free Will and the Will of a Free Society

 If a society should will it, then it shall be free. If a society should take leave of their will for another’s, or if it should seek to impose their will, on the individual, then it shall forever remain bound into the slavery created by their will.

 Aside from God, Jesus, Yeshuah, Allah, Providence, Buddha or any other form of deity that we believe in, the will of society is not so great as to be infallible or just in all cases. However, the will of a society as a collective majority, can also be just if it is justly imposed.

 But what if then, a collective will, is unjust or unjustly imposed upon society as a whole? Does indeed might make right? I would persuade you against that theory in that it is as much a threat to the free will of man as the deprivation of oxygen is to his life. Might can only perpetuate might in that it is often born of a desire to repress the will of another. Right will always be right until it is used in the endeavors of wrong. Thus, just because it is your right, does not make it right.

 Let us then, for the sake of this article, agree, Theologians and Atheists alike that there is indeed a higher power that seeks to provide instruction for a just and moral life. That there is indeed a deity that granted life and free will and that he continues to watch this world and its inhabitants. Let us address him in the most general of terms as God.

 The founders of this country and the framers of her Constitution were stalwart in their belief in a higher, guiding force. They agreed that such a force has endowed upon his creation of man, certain rights that are natural, inherent and therefore inalienable.

 We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”
  Declaration of Independence

  The highest manifestation of life consists in this: that a being governs its own actions. A thing which is always subject to the direction of another is somewhat of a dead thing.”
 Saint Thomas Aquinas

“The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.”
 Marcus Aurelius

“The issue today is the same as it has been throughout all history, whether man shall be allowed to govern himself or be ruled by a small elite.”
 Thomas Jefferson

 So then, our forefathers and many a man and ruler in ancient history not only believed in a creator, but believed that that same creator had granted the right of self determination, self governorship or free will to the individual man. They believed that mankind had the right to rule his body and actions and to seek and fulfill whatever desires he may in his pursuit of, not only knowledge and fortune, but of happiness.

 How then does it come to pass that we have found ourselves being ruled yet again? How then have we come to give up this right of self determination? Why is it that a collective society can assume they may impose their will, just or unjust, upon any other man, woman or child?

 The individual, aside from God, is the single most powerful force on this planet. The individual alone has the right to determine which way he should go in life and what actions he may take. The individual is capable of a great many things, for the individual is capable of thought and reason.

 I propose that it is completely deplorable and laden with rebuke for a collective to seek to repress any just or moral action of the individual. The mass is only capable of group thought and speak; it has no capability of reason or thought in that it must, for its very existence, abhor these things. It must denounce the very idea of individualism and self determination.

 Though in doing so, it is also renouncing and repressing the greatest gift that our creator has bestowed-Life.

 For what is a life lived in its entirety in chains and bondage, servitude and serfdom? Nothing I dare say, but merely an object of existence. A rock may exist, but it has no life.

 If we do accept that God has given us to life and free will, then we must also accept that these gifts have come with a price. In every powerful being there exists such a desire as to see its subject live under their will. Such I believe is the desire of God. He in fact, does wish for us to live in his honor and after his image and teachings, but he also has granted us leave if we should so choose another path.

 Therefore is it entirely acceptable for a child of God, his creation, which among all other man is equal, to decide what another man shall do with his life? Is it therefore then acceptable that a Catholic should decide that all mankind should not eat meat when the custom of lint should come about? Or the Christian to partake of no wine or drug, or the Muslim to partake of no pork? I remain staunch in my belief that this is near chief among the greatest transgressions man can inflict upon his brethren.

The forceful or coercive application of the ideas of one or many, upon a single individual, is second in tragedy only to the actual physical taking of his life. An individuals mind and intellect is among the chief of those most precious gifts entailed in life. Is it not in the mind where happiness is perceived? Is it not our minds and intellect that allow us to define our happiness by counting it against our sufferings?

 To make a man espouse the ideas of another, forcefully, is an evil, tyrannical thing. In all cases this act should be met with the utmost and vehement force of rebellion. The retention of all things singular and precious to this individual should be retained, and it is his will alone that can determine what will or will not be cast aside.

 It is a derelict society that would seek to impose its own ideas and will upon the individual. It is an immoral and corrupt society that would seek to ridicule, persecute or excommunicate the individual that would challenge these same things. It is also a cowardly individual that would allow this same treatment to persuade his ideology.

 There can be a time however, that an imposition can and should be tolerated. The father that teaches his children about morality and integrity should, in all cases, not be hindered. The pastor that teaches his congregation after the teachings of God and his book should not be abhorred. The student that seeks knowledge from his teacher should not be abridged in any way. But, there will and must come a time when each of these will, in the course of responsibility, throw off these harnesses and seek for themselves the truth of the questions.

 This time must come in the course of natural events. It must be allowed to expand as a result of the individual’s own desire and it must come freely. A society is in no way just, nor does it have the authority, to bring about these changes or inflict upon the individual a reprieve from these things.

  A society must stand aside and let man, for himself, determine when he shall stand and when he shall lay. When he shall read and when he shall speak. It is a fearful and dastardly thing indeed for a society to seek or obtain the power to direct the individuals mind and mouth to its own ends. This act should be repelled in every instance.

 The ideas of an individual are the very foundation of a free society. They are the fruit born of labored intellect and they should be well received in all cases. Is every man not entitled by way of life to his own thoughts and opinions? Whether they be perceived rightly or wrongly is of no consequence. If a just and moral idea should give way to actions of the same, then how should a society succeed in putting them down? If an unjust and immoral idea should lead to actions of the same, but not be put down, how then should this society be regarded?

 I should say that the individual is the very thing upon which a society is formed and the very thing which gives it power. Therefore is it not conceivable to assume that every idea and individual is indeed of the collective? For an idea may inspire one or many to the same cause. Those same individuals may take shelter in their own collective to insure their merits are well received and debated. Is this not the way it has always been?

 I should upon reflection and reference state yes. Men have always been drawn to those of like mind and conscious. Whether they be moral or immoral is not the basis of this argument, merely a by product. If endowed with the ability and desire to seek and espouse our own ideas, but having those same rejected by the majority of society, is it not our way to form a group of individuals wherein the same reasoning and logic can be found?

 If so, why is it then allowed, for one collective to be deemed just, while another, created by the same desire of company, should be vilified? I know not and can fathom no logical or sane reasoning as to justify this behavior.

 If a free society is to at all, remain free, or a bound society is to ever, become free, it then must accept the individual and the respective ideas as an integral part of the same.

Reaching consensus in a group is often confused with finding the right answer.”
 Norman Mailer

 The unity of freedom has never relied on uniformity of opinion.”
 John F. Kennedy

In Liberty,
 Richard Camacho

Ron Paul 2012

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

To The Generation of; As a Collective

Well, Doctor, what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?”

  “A Republic, if you can keep it.”

Benjamin Franklin – After the Constitutional Convention of 1787

At present there are four generations this article will touch on:
  • The Great Generation
  • The Baby Boomers
  • Generation X
  • Generation Y

Yesterday we watched the “First-in-the-Nation” Republican Caucuses in Iowa unfold, and Indeed we did see the labor of our, Ron Paul R3VOLution, bear fruit. We have worked long and hard to win this first, of many, battles and we will continue to work and fight for the future we were promised; the future that is our birthright.

As I anxiously awaited the first counts to filter in, I asked myself, how did we come to this point? Why is it that we need a statesman such as Congressman Paul to aid us in the return to our founding principles? When exactly did we lose our way? How is it that America became stricken in such a manner as to require a good doctor?

 Allow me, if you will, to take some liberty with history, and to generalize in a way that will help us all understand.

 To the Great Generation, I express my deepest gratitude for your sacrifices and your honor. You gave so many men and women over to the Great Wars and gave up so much of your lives in defense of Democracy, I applaud you. You built houses, bridges and buildings on a grand scale. You pioneered the luxury car and the Television, the Microwave and Refrigerator. You landed on the moon! You laid the foundation for the technological revolution and you tried to preserve the moral integrity of the family unit.

 To the Baby Boomers I also express some gratitude. You gave us the first pictures of the outer solar system. You built and sent robots to Mars. You gave us the Micro processor and personal computer. Had it not been for you, this laptop, on which I now type, would most surely be the size of the SUV I drive. Were it not for your generation, we would never have such things as Nintendo, Sega, Gameboy, Playstation and the Xbox. You refined the luxury car, the Television, Microwave and Refrigerator. You have made our buildings and bridges safer and grander.

 To the Generation of X, I would extend a certain level of familiarity. We have seen a great many things in our short time. Russia fell, the Berlin Wall came crashing down, and the cell phone was introduced to us. In our insatiable appetite for things, we forced the technological revolution into a more efficient state of being. We developed the Smart phone, Smart car, Plasma and LCD Television. We, in our ever increasing desire to be independent, required that our laptops and computers become smaller and more powerful. We cannot remember a world without WiFi and Ethernet cables. We know almost nothing of lead Gasoline and we abhor the thought of anything other than environmental responsibility.

 To the Generation of Y, I pledge my undying and unconditional love and affection. I pledge my loyalty to You my sons, in what way that I may be able to insure a better world in which to grow. I stand forever in belief that it is my responsibility to You, that I should seek any and all manners of freedom, that You may also grow and prosper as we have all been promised. I remain stalwart in my integrity that I should not be derelict in my duties to You or that I should so feverishly persuade or prevent, any that would seek to bind your spirits and bodies unwillingly.

 To the Generation of Greatness, I lament. For though you have defended America’s honor, you have also shamed her in ways that will take the better part, if not the whole, of my generation to remedy. You allowed scores of your Countrymen to be detained unlawfully, their houses and possessions confiscated and redistributed, all in the name of national security and Patriotism. You have allowed this great nation to be led into war after countless war for lack of your due diligence. You have been derelict in your duties to protect and preserve America and her Constitution.

 You have allowed the Military-Industrial Complex, the same that your beloved Eisenhower warned you against, to gain and power in this country. You have allowed your elected representatives to author and pass into law, legislation and treaties that began the usurpation and dejection of America’s sovereignty. You have allowed your children to run wild in the streets; through your failure to communicate, or the fear thereof, you have failed to teach them what it truly means to be honest, moral and to count and measure everything against their integrity.

 Through your unwillingness to accept anything other than “your way” as right, you began the now failed War on Drugs. You created the “Hippies” and you created the cycle of drunken abuse. You have laid the framework for the Prison-Industrial system and through your lack of instruction, communication and plethora of improper properness, given your children over to it.

 To the Generation of Babies and Booms, I do hold you in certain contempt’s. You have allowed millions of your men and women to be slaughtered in unjust wars. You disgraced the American soldiers who, upon their most happiest return from an unhappy war, soiled them with red paints, harassed their parents and called the murderers and baby killers. You have given yourself over to heathenism's, debauchery and idleness. You have wallowed in the excesses of the sixties, seventies and eighties and filled your lives and noses with powders and smokes that should be reserved for occasional recreation.

  You have fed the Prison-Industrial system. You have abandoned your children to it and the world. You have refined the cycle of inebriated abuse and have forsaken your responsibilities for the temporary pleasures of the flesh. You have mortgaged your lives to the establishment you so vehemently railed against in your youth. You seek to turn a blind eye, closed mouth and covered ear to the voices of reason today.

 Blinded by your vices, you have allowed your wealth to be stolen, squandered. You have allowed the granite foundation of your monetary base to be replaced with sand and air. You have allowed the worth of your dollar to be reduced by almost all. You have amplified and compounded the welfare state of America and have granted accord with your big brother in managing your lives. You traded the freedoms of tomorrow for a satisfied appetite of the day.

 You allow yourselves to be utterly guided, led by the eyes, nose and by ear anyone under bright lights and polish. You disregard and disrespect anyone that would seek to voice the truth of your infidelity to the Constitution and your irresponsibility of diligence. The ideas of your youth are now espoused as “radical”, “crazy” and “dangerous” though they were not such in your time.

 You marginalize and mock any who question or rebel against the notion that life “has to be a certain way”, because you have accepted your fate. You have laid your dreams down, sown their seeds in fallow ground and failed to nurture them. In your excess, you forgot that the tree of life and liberty must be watered, and that for freedom to be retained, constant vigilance is required.

 Both generations allowed the greatest threat to the liberty and prosperity of America and her people to establish itself. You found yourself too busy with the petty contrivances of life; too busy to defend your freedom and future. You were too trusting of government; too trusting of your elected representatives. You allowed a nice suit and a smile assure you that it was all for your benefit.

 You allowed gold to be removed as a backing to our money supply. You allowed the government and media to lie to you, to convince that their agenda was indeed your agenda. You have allowed traitors to the Constitution into the white house and senate. You have branded traitors as heroes and great men. You continue to believe the lie because you refuse to seek the truth. You refuse to accept the truth, when presented, because the truth is too great, too powerful, too fantastic, and too terrible. You would rather have the comfort of lies than the pain of honesty!

 As a collective, I hold you in contempt.

To the Great Generation, in love and respect I admonish you. Your time is all but gone in this world. The dawn of your prime has now given way to the dusk of eternity and soon you will call this place home no more. Would you continue to plague us with memories of far better days while you yet remain? Will you seek our delight yet again for those days filled with freedom and prosperity, those days that are now gone by; faded from time, as you too shall fade? Can you ever consciously pose the question, “Where did we go wrong as a country” without first looking inward?

 To the Generation that boomed with babies, the afternoon of your prime is upon you, though the hour is late indeed. Your posterity would seek answers to questions on which you have none. Your grandchildren will come one day and ask certain things of you, perhaps in astonishment; perhaps with contempt or anger. I pray that you would provide answers to those same questions with the utmost honesty, humility and sincerity. I hope that you may find some reprieve upon repentance for the honor and vigilance that you have so readily shirked.

 We do therefore understand how, that this has happened to come about during the watch of these generations. We do not, however, understand how you could have let this come about. You have traded a little temporary comfort and security for your liberty, I would profess that you deserve neither.

 The Generation of X has indeed enabled its own transgression. We are not blind to it now, though we may have been in the past. We were children for a time and as such are we all not granted leave for a little foolishness and untroubled perspective? I do agree, but the time for such nonsensical living must be put away in due time so that our duties, responsibilities and integrity can be met with unwavering support. A child can be exempt from liberty’s defense for he is a child and knows not of what is expected of him in that rite, but a full-grown man or woman, should be shamed to think it otherwise for him or herself.

 When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things”.
               1 Corinthians 13:11(KJV)

 My generation, the Generation of X is awakening as all generations before us had awoke. We, however, will not succumb to the sleep that is purported to be inevitable. We will not go quietly into the night, resigned to a counterfeit fate, created by those that would seek to thrust it upon us unwillingly. Our voice will not be silenced and our minds not swayed for we do not, rely on one source of information and as all young minds, we do indeed crave the truth. We do not think, speak, or act as we are told we ought. We are indeed a collective of great minds, free minds, and we refuse to believe the lie that has fooled so many before us.

 Though we may, at times falter in step, we must not fail in our course. Surely, with failure, comes the absolute slavery of every man, woman and child upon this earth. Our success will be again, a beacon of hope to that same body, and will succeed in preserving the hopes, dreams, lives and fortunes of this land for our posterity.

 "There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time as come."
"An invasion of armies can be resisted, but not an idea whose time has come."
          Victor Hugo

To the Great Generation:
 Stop voting! You will not have to live with the consequences of your ill-advised, ignorant actions, we will. You have done more than enough for this world already.

To the Baby Boomers:
 Due your due diligence and hold true to your integrity. Vote your conscious, not the lesser of two evils. Remember who it is that will care for you in the evening of your life, we will not forget.

To the Generation of X:
 It is our time.

To the Generation of Y:
 Don’t trip, we got this.

In Liberty,
 Richard Camacho

Ron Paul 2012